Safety Statement

Last updated [May , 2021]


Limerick Dragons is fully committed to providing its members and visitors with a safe environment in which to enjoy dragon boat paddling and other water activities. We adopt a “Safety First” attitude at all times in all activities and it is a core principle of the Club.

This safety statement is a subset of Limerick Dragon’s Safety Policy. It is meant to be a guide to safe practices and should be read in conjunction with said Safety Policy and Risk Assessment documents.

This document, along with the Club’s Safety Policy and Risk Assessment, represents the Club’s commitment to health and safety and collectively they demonstrate the manner in which this will be achieved.

Every Club member and visitor has a Duty of Care to ensure their actions both on and off the dragon boat and the water are conducted in such a manner which does not compromise the safety of others.

Dragon boat paddling is a risk water sport. All members should be aware of the risks as set out in the Safety Policy and Risk Assessment and be responsible for their own actions. Limerick Dragons have a participation notice which states:

“Dragon boat paddling and kayaking are assumed risk water sports that may carry attendant risks. All members and visitors should be aware of and accept these risks; be responsible for their own actions and involvement; be safety conscious at all times; and fully understand they have a duty of care towards other participants

Limerick Dragons will provide education, information and training about safety to the members. All Limerick Dragon members have a responsibility to learn and adhere to our Safety Policy and Risk Assessment documents. 

Limerick Dragons will always strive to prevent accidents in as far as reasonably practicable* after hazards have been identified in the Risk Assessment.

*“Reasonably Practicable” means that the club has exhausted all due care by putting into place the necessary protective and preventive measures, have identified and assessed all the risks to safety and health likely to result in injury to health to the members and where the putting in place of any further measures is grossly disproportionate having regard to the unusual, unforeseeable and exceptional nature of any circumstance or occurrence that may result in an accident.


The Club will ensure that:

  • All Policies and procedures are kept updated
  • That first aid and emergency procedures related to club activities are in place
  • That activities are suitably planned, organized and controlled to ensure the safety of club members and anyone affected by the club’s activities. This applies to all Club activities.
  • The Club will consult with competently trained person/s for high risk activities, if any

This Safety Statement, the Safety Policy and the Risk Assessment will be reviewed annually by the committee and will be signed by the Chairperson.

In the unfortunate event of an incident the committee will amend the Safety Statement, Safety Policy and the Risk Assessment immediately if required.