About Us

About Us

Limerick Dragons was formed in 2016 by a group of breast cancer survivors and their supporters. Much fundraising was done and in 2017 our first dragon boat was purchased. We paddle on the River Shannon, with our base in Cleeves Carpark. We launch the boat on the slipway on O’ Callaghan Strand. Somedays if you are driving along the road near Cleeves Carpark you will see us taking our boat down to the water to launch. We are quite the sight when we are mobile with our 40-foot dragon boat with up to 22 paddlers making our way to the Shannon

Our paddling times are dependent on the tide and weather can often adversely affect us. But when the conditions are right the section of water we paddle on is a glorious spot to be.

Having cancer treatment and being a cancer survivor can be a very lonely and difficult place, no matter how many loved ones are in your life. Limerick Dragons offers a safe place for people to come and exercise and improve their lives after cancer with a group of people who know exactly how they feel in a supportive and fun environment.

Our goal is to exercise and improve our health and wellbeing and live well beyond cancer.

Covid-19 has adversely affected us, the same as every other club and organization in the country. We are currently working on purchasing club kayaks for the benefit of members. This will be in support of our dragon boat activities.

We also have great days out and nights out as a Club and we have missed them with COVID-19. We look forward to resuming these in the future.

Our Events

Limerick Dragons try to get out on the river to dragon boat paddle a few times a week from March to October. We use a sports team app for our members to keep track of paddle, kayak and walking events.

Please visit our News & Events page to see upcoming events and posts about things we got up to in the past.

If you have an event you would like Limerick Dragons to participate in please email [email protected]

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Our Committee 

Limerick Dragons has a governing committee who are elected at our AGM. A good committee is made up of people with diverse talents and who can bring different levels and areas of expertise to the table. We always have need of people on the committee who are tech-savvy, can understand accounts, are safety aware, good with social media, able to comprehend governing documents and people who are good with communication.