Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking


Nordic walking has huge health benefits for everyone, not just breast cancer survivors. If you want to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, protect your joints and use lots of muscles while you walk then Nordic Walking is for you.

You just need to dress for the fresh air, don your shoes, grab some poles and you are good to go.

Nordic walking is said to use an average of 15% more calories per walk than regular walking. This is because Nordic walking uses more muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders, abs, other core muscles and your legs.  Nordic walking uses 90% of your body’s muscles during a walk. The poles propel you forwards helping you walk faster, raising your heart rate and expending energy. Its weight bearing nature and the added resistance provided by the poles also helps improve bone health and strength.

It helps boost circulation and improve heart and lung health. Of huge benefit to anyone after breast cancer treatment, or any cancer treatment involving the removal of lymph nodes, Nordic Walking improves the flow of lymph fluid. This is hugely beneficial for people with lympheodema or who are at a risk of developing it.

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