TV Shoot: Yellow Brick Road

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Many of you may have seen episode 3 of Yellow Brick Road on RTE in November 2019, where the Limerick Dragons were featured,and if you or a friend would like to try out dragon boat Paddling and meet the crew, we are very happy to have you onboard. We will resume paddling in March 2020.




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 Remaining September Paddling Times:

Training dates for the month:

22nd of September  Sunday   11:00  Helm Coach Jess 

27th of September   Friday     16:00  Helms: Trish & Orla

28th of September    Saturday  17:30  Helms: Trish & Orla 

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July Paddling Training:

Training dates for the month: 3rd of July  Wednesday   6:00 pm  

                                               7th of July  Sunday           9:00am

                                               12th of July Friday            2:00pm

                                               17th of July Wednesday   6:00pm  

                                              24th of July Wednesday  10:00am

                                              27th of July  Saturday       1:00pm 

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June Paddling Training:

Training dates for the month: 5th of June  Wednesday  5:00 pm  

                                               9th of June Sunday 10:00am

                                               16th of June Sunday 5:00pm

                                                18th of  June Tuesday 6:00pm

                                               19th of June Wednesday 7:00pm  

                                               22nd of June Saturday 8:10 am,

                                               22nd: Workshop:  Paddling Technique by Julie Doyle

                                               27th of June  Thursday 1:00pm

                                               29thof June  Saturday  3:00pm


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May Paddling Training: 

Training dates for the month: 8th of May(Wednesday)  7:00 pm  

                                              10th of May(Friday) at 10:00am

                                              17th May (Friday)  4:40pm               

                                              19th May (Sunday) 5:45pm

                                               21st May (Tuesday)  7:00pm          

                                              26th May (Sunday) 10:45am

                                              31st May (Friday)   16:45pm

Lets refresh on our paddling techniques Dragons,  and if your not a member and would like to try it out, call Vidette on 087 4179916  to book in.This is open to over 18's. You don't have to be experienced to try it, this is a new sport to Limerick City, and we look forward to giving you a chance to come out on the water with us.


Riverfest Limerick: 3rd of May & 5th of May..... 

We look forward to welcoming back members from last year and meeting new paddlers. We will be organising plenty of "tryouts" for the curious, and we are eager to share our excitement about this new water sport to the people of Limerick. Contact 0874179916 if you would like to come along for one of our sessions over Riverfest or the coming weeks



March 24th 2019 

The Dragon Run 10km Paddle in Carlow 

The Dragon Run 10Km is taking place in Carlow on Sunday, 24th March 2019. This marathon pursuit race is open to dragon boats, marathon/sprint kayaks and 01s. Run on the River Barrow it will see all craft battle it out on a 4 x 2.5km course. Medals will be awarded fro 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all race categories. This is open to all Limerick Dragon Members. Contact is through Teamer App, you can also contact Vidette for further information. 

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February 23rd Water Safety Training

Water Safety in a pool setting, here we will discuss and practice water safety relevant to dragon paddling. From the very begining of setting up the Limerick Dragons, we have organised Aquatic Classes ensuring all our members have the oppurtunity to learn or develop their aqutic skills. Now its time to upskill and be more aware of our safety as individuals and as a group in the water. We will also use this oppurtunity to try out poolside paddling. Open to full members of the Limerick Dragons and neighbouring Clubs.

Water Safety Training Info:

Arrival at Bawnmore Sports Complex for 1:45pm, paddles and buoyance aids will be in reception area. 

Meet and Greet. Change into paddling clothing.

On deck for 2:00pm

Warm Up exercises 10 mins

Paddling Session 40 mins

Capsize Drills, Water Safety, Water Rescue,  40 mins

Swimming with Buoyance Aid  20 mins

Cool Down Stretches 10 mins

All Members are to bring the following items on the day. Clothes suitable for paddling, swim gear, swim hat, towels, hairdryer (as there is none provided) if you wish.  To drink bring a bottle of water.

Limerick Dragons New Home January 2019

The River Shannon 

We voted in December 2018 to move venue at our AGM, this was passed by an overwhelming majority of members. Our new home is the River Shannon directly in Limerick City.



December 2018

Have we paddling news? We are not out in the river over the winter however we have started paddling at the side of the pool as part of our Wednesday Aquatics Programme. Water exercises from 11:00am til 11:30am followed by 30 min session of paddling. Open to members of the Limerick Dragons. Here we are developing our paddling technique, and keeping fit over the winter months. Our aim is to continue the pool sessions until we are back out on the river. For further information contact Orla at 0876399393.

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November 2018

The date for the Limerick Dragons Christmas Party has been set for Friday 30th November so put the date in your diary, Alice and crew will be looking after that event.


October 2018

Bríd from Shannon Dragons has invited us to an event. She is having a 10k paddle on Sunday 21st October, this event has just been posted on teamer so please respond ASAP.  Bríd will have her two boats and ours willl make it 3 Dragon Boats.

For those who would find the endurance for 10K too much brid is also organising a shorter Beginners paddle 250 mtr, again respond an teamer app ASAP. Any queries on this just contact Vidette directly, she will be delighted to assist (phone no's on home page).

 This is definitely weather permitting!

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September 2018

Next training session is the 30th of September,if you haven't tried it out give Vidette a call and book in at : 0874179916 this will be a paddling session nice and easy introducting paddling techniques to many of our new paddlers.

Next training session is the 23rd of September, this is a Sunday and lets hope weather conditions are favourable.

We have training on the 15th & of September at 9:30 am see you all there, if you haven't tried it out yet give Vidette a call and book in at : 0874179916 this will be a paddling session nice and easy introducting paddling techniques to many of our new paddlers.

Summer 2018

As of the 1st of July The Limerick Dragons have 3 qualified helms, and Foundation Coaches. Trish, Vidette and Orla, We can now rely on our own helms to organise the paddling dates. Prior to this we have been very lucky that other clubs have been great in helping us out by helming our boat. Thank you so much to everyone, for making it possible to take the boat out. 

We are paddling on the Abbey River & Shannon River and dates and times for paddling are not always convenient, afterall its tidal. We will be organising paddling sessions on the weekends in September and we look forward to having happy days on the river.

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Limerick Dragons Paddling Training 22nd 

April 2018

Hello friends, we got a chance to take our boat out this morning thanks to a Clonmel crew that came along and they brought Joe their helm. (As we dont have our own helm we are relying on other clubs to help us out). We had a great mix on the boat from experienced Clonmel crew, Limerick Dragons crew and a few new paddlers on board. We had excellent weather conditions and a great paddling session. Following on from our intro to helm course last weekend Joe was very kind and let me helm for a while.Thank you to everyone for your feedback after the session, that was only my second time at the helm.Thanks for your kind words and encouragement from everyone. Caron and Bron your chance to helm next time and I hope that will be very soon too. Finally thank you to everyone who came along this morning and we the Limerick Dragons hope to see you all on the water soon. Here's a pic of Naomi and myself(right to left) one of our newest paddlers.

Orla & Naomi April 2018




Limerick Dragons Intro to Helm Training

15th April 2018

10 of the Limerick Dragons came along on Sunday and we had a great days training. This was an excellent opportunity for many of us to have an insight to the role of the helm. From here on we'll be training paddlers and a helm crew. We had a few hours trapped indoors with Mick Jones (Mark Jones as christened by Brima) followed by an afternoon out on the boat. If you weren't paddling you were given the chance to helm, a great experience for all of us.

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From far left Linda Christie, Brima Hayes, Catherine Lyons, Trish Corbett, Bron O'Loughlin, Nuala Moore, Caron Tierney, Orla Kaiser and course director Mick Jones.


WAW Visit to Athlunkard Limerick Dragons

taking place 7th of April 2018

On the water for 10:00am. The Limerick Dragons welcome's the WAW 

This is an exciting time for the Limerick Dragons we just about have the boat here we have been out on the water once, and we are already entertaining the WAW paddlers, 6 of which are made up of the Limerick Dragons. We are so happy to welcome all these wonderful paddlers who are travelling from all over the country to try out our Dragon boat while training for Florence Regatta this summer. Many of the Limerick Dragons who are part of our Walking Group and Aquatic Group will be here also to welcome you. The only thing we need to organise now is a little bit of sunshine!

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March 25th 2018

Today we launched our dragon boat into the water, a day we will never forget. Based in Athlunkard Boat Club, we launched into the Abbey River and then paddled down the Shannon. The sun was shining down just for us, it was calm water, and no breeze we were listing to our helm Jess and the sound of the drum. Jess is with the Shannon Dragons based in Castleconnell, and came to our rescue (as we don't have a helm) Jess your expertise was greatly appreciated today.Thank you so much from all of us here in Limerick. We had some crew from Clonmel on board today from the Suir Dragons, who are like sisters to the Limerick Dragons, they have supported us all the way, thank you so much for making the effort and coming down and sharing this special day with us. Today is the begining of a new chapter for all of us involved.

Emily Linda IMG 20180325 112657IMG 20180325 130623 1 IMG 20180325 113632

IMG 20180325 114001 Trish


March 18th 2018

We hope you all enjoyed the St. Patricks Parade, we were in great spirits our Nordic Walkers our Paddlers and some Swimmers & Unicorns were out showcasing our Dragon Boat waving and dancing to the music in the Limerick Parade.

Check out our Gallery for more photo's from the Limerick Dragons at the Limerick Parade 2018.

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February 14th  2018

Our Dragon boat arrived in Limerick on the 13th of February 2018. We had a great turnout to help unload the boat. We were delighted with the weather which made it all the more enjoyable.

The committee are buzy getting things ready for our first paddling season.We will keep you posted here with details of membership, costs etc.

Here is some photo's of the boats arrival. 

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Athlunkard Boat Club Home of the Limerick Dragons!

December 2017

The Limerick Dragons have been together for just over a year now, and in mid November thanks to the hard work of Caron Tierney  Athlunkard Boat Club have agreed to allow us to operate from their premises. We bought our boat in September but with no home for it at the time we left it at the manufacturers. Now we have sorted out storage we are organising the delivery. We will start training in the new year. At present we are collecting names of paddlers who would be interested in doing a Helm course. We hope to be running this course in April further details of Helm course contact Caron on 0872382045  We will keep you posted with all new updates.

Also throughout the year we saw a gradual increase in numbers of Walkers and Swimmers who are also attached to our group this is a great addition to the Limerick Dragons.It will be interesting to see how many will sign up for paddling in the spring.

November 2017

We will be very buzy in the new year.... courses and training for paddling, are all ahead of us and we are all bursting to get out on the River Shannon, so until then we'll have a Christmas Party to celebrate and you are more than welcome to come along to the Clayton Hotel Limerick 9;00pm  December the 1st. We have a section of the bar reserved, and we hope to see many faces from our pop up shop, from our walkers, swimmers and of course paddlers too. All queries & booking for our Christmas night out call Alice 0872204821



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The Limerick Dragons Making A Splash This Summer 2017 at Two Regatta's

We started off the summer with a Pop Up Shop, to help raise more money towards our Dragon Boat. We were delighted with so many people coming and showing interest and support, everyone thinks its a great idea and that just fuels us even more.  So during the summer many of the Limerick Dragons have been busy preparing for Cork Dragons 2nd Rebel Regatta which took place Saturday, August 12 at 8 pm. With Dragon groups coming from all over Ireland to participate.

Some of our Limerick Dragon paddlers have only been on the water twice as we don't have our boat yet but what we lack in experience we make up for in pride and have great fun as a crew getting to know the other clubs, such as the Suir Dragons. Limerick Dragons are being trained by the wonderful Suir Dragons . This amazing club have helped us with time on the water and coaching and in the last few weeks they gave us a cheque towards our Dragon Boat with money they raised themselves for us. Words can't express how much this means to us. Thank you Suir Dragon paddlers for all your help and support over the last number of months. We are looking forward to our new boat but will be delighted if we can continue coming to Clonmel. Such a welcoming and friendly group of people. Thank you for taking us under your wing and helping us get on the water. We will to be offering you the chance to come and train in Limerick soon.

Now back to the Cork Dragons 2nd Rebel Regatta what a day, great crew and an amazing bunch of women, a big thank you to Sadhbh, Erin and Mary who never paddled before today, and to Brenda, Margaret, Vidette and Eithne who had the courage to get in the race after just two training sessions in the boat. This is what dragon boating is all about . Friends helping out on the day.

Vidette one of our newest paddlers was telling me about chatting to some lovely ladies from the Shannon Dragons (based in Castleconnell) who invited us out to paddle with them too, and hopefully we'll be able to invite them to the city (as soon as we buy a boat). Brima, Mairead and Caron must know every Dragon in the country by now, as both train regularly with the Suir dragons in Conmel and have paddled in Dublin with The  Wild Atlantic Warrior's and The Plurabelles too.

6 of the Limerick dragons are part of this Wild Atlantic Warrior's team going to Florence in Italy 2018, after this weekend i wouldn't be surprised if more join in!

What a great bunch of women, what a great sport to be involved in, its fabulous to see such strong women come together working as a team and you are more than welcome to come along and join in the fun!

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If you are living with Liymphedema and looking for a Manual Lymph drainage Massage Therapist you can contact Trish Sutton. Trish is also one of the first Helms trained up in the Limerick Dragons and she participated in the IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival, Florence 2018, along with 5 more Limerick Dragons. Contact 0851136313.

If your interested in learning to swim/develop your aquatic skills contact Orla Kaiser by clicking here  Waterzone Orla organises Swim lessons and Water Exercises for the Limerick Dragons. Orla is a founding member of the Limerick Dragons.