March 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all activities are postponed for the coming weeks. We will keep members and the public informed using website/FB of further developments.

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BREASTech 8th & 22nd of February

BREASTech based in the University of Limerick are seeking participants for 2 half day workshops Saturday 8th of February and Saturday 22nd of February. Breast Cancer patients and survirors will explore their feeling and thoughs surrounding breast cancer, physical activity and technology, through photography. The project is supported by the Irish Cancer Society Research Engagement Award 2019. If you would like to participate or wish to know more then please contact Dr. Michelle Norris on 061234158 or 0833435042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Some of the Limerick Dragons will be participationg on the day. Our own Patricia Sutton will be leading the Nordic Walking element of Day 1. 

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Lymphoedema Open Evening 19th February 5:00pm -6:30pm

This open evening is for people affected by lymphoedema or anyone who is at risk of developing it. Great to see some light being shone on this topic. Those of you going will see our own Patricia Sutton who has the opportunity to speak about the Education Workshop which she has been involved with at the Cancer Support Centre.

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Limerick Dragons Race Night 5th of March

Taking place Thursday evening 5th of March at 8:00pm in Bobby Byrnes. This will be an evening to socialise and have some fun. Members of the Limerick Dragons are out getting sponsors, so save the date come along bring a friend and enjoy a racing night with us. If you would like to know more about the Limerick Dragons and meet us come along we are always delighted to introduce more people to dragon paddling and chat about our club.



If you are living with Liymphedema and looking for a Manual Lymph drainage Massage Therapist you can contact Trish Sutton. Trish is also one of the first Helms trained up in the Limerick Dragons and she participated in the IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival, Florence 2018, along with 5 more Limerick Dragons. Contact 0851136313.

If your interested in learning to swim/develop your aquatic skills contact Orla Kaiser by clicking here  Waterzone Orla organises Swim lessons and Water Exercises for the Limerick Dragons. Orla is a founding member of the Limerick Dragons.