Commettee 2020 Copy

Presenting The Limerick Dragons Committee 2020

Welcome onboard Dragons, we are all looking forward to a new season and a chance to get out in the River Shannon and Paddle soon. We are eager also to introduce more people to this great fun sport. Along the way we are picking up ideas for exercise, fundraising, socialing, new fitness programmes and lots more so its great to have so many members bringing with them there euthusiasm and experience and sharing it with us the wider group.

Chairperson/ PRO: Alice O 'Farrell

Ass.PRO: Anne Fanter

Treasurer: Eithne Carey Ass.Treasureer: Caroline Deveraux,

Secretary:Vidette  Ass.: Karen Mc Aree

Safety Officer: Patrica Sutton

Non Executive Committee members: Brima Hayes, Kay Lyons and  Cora Lynch






AGM 2019 of The Limerick Dragons 

Will take place Wednesday the 4th of December at Central Buildign 51 O' Connell St, Limerick V94NYH9 at 7:00pm .

We woulld like to invite all members to come along and discuss with us our future plans for 2020 paddling season, we are still looking for permanent home, and not forgetting our other activities, land training, nordic walking and aquatics. We'll have plenty to discuss on the night, agenda to follow to all members by email.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the night.




If you are living with Liymphedema and looking for a Manual Lymph drainage Massage Therapist you can contact Trish Sutton. Trish is also one of the first Helms trained up in the Limerick Dragons and she participated in the IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival, Florence 2018, along with 5 more Limerick Dragons. Contact 0851136313.

If your interested in learning to swim/develop your aquatic skills contact Orla Kaiser by clicking here  Waterzone Orla organises Swim lessons and Water Exercises for the Limerick Dragons. Orla is a founding member of the Limerick Dragons.